Rent Our Production Studio Space

Make-Up, Hair and Costume Area
This fully Air conditioned Make-Up Area is Adjacent to the Production Studio.
30ft width x 40ft length x 18ft height 1,200 sq ft
The Studio Floor Area is 1,200 Sq.ft. There is 18 Ft height clearance up to the lighting grid with associated catwalks. Sets can be built for all types of productions. Movie, TV Series, Dramas, Game Shows, Chat Shows, TV Commercials etc
High Lighting Grid with Cat Walks
Lighting and Electrical Cables are hung from above. This enables the Art Department to work on the Production Floor at the same time as the Gaffers are Rigging. This is a cost and time saver.
Elephant Door Entrance
Vehicles as large as trucks with onboard cranes (HIAB) can be driven onto the production studio floor.
Green Screen
Green Screen Enables Compositing of Virtual Sets, thus eliminating the need and cost associated with building physical sets.
Master Control Room (MCR) with Tricaster 860 Advanced Edition for (x8) Camera Live Production
MCR with Tricaster 860 Advanced Edition turnkey solution that enables live multi camera visually stunning productions for cross-channel delivery and multi-screen experiences.